1 Minute Prayers

Select any of these short, guided prayers to jump start your prayer routine!

Prayers for Encouragement

Sometimes we find ourselves down, forgetting we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Check out this section for guided prayers that will be sure to elevate your spirits!

Lectio Divina

Looking to exist in a space with the Lord with your own thoughts? Use this section to reflect on selected scriptures, meditate on the Gospel, and invite God to come within you!

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Use community groups to motivate and inspire, or promote your own prayer content and reach new audiences.

A Complete Solution

We offer dozens of audio tracks with a full service reading solution for the hearing impaired.

Build a Community

Foster a community that helps you stay on track with your prayer goals each week! True spiritual growth can only occur with other believers!

Complete Daily and Yearly Prayer Challenges

Our platform helps you log your prayer activity so that you remain up to date with your goals for each day.

What our users have to say

"Excellent guided prayer and meditation prompts to start every morning and set the tone for a day of expectation in the Lord our God!"

"As someone who meditates daily, I have yet to find an app or meditations that are Christ-centered and uplifting. This is the perfect app for Christians and people walking in their faith that want to meditate with the Lord’s word."

"As someone new to meditation, I’ve been struggling to find the right app for me. I was recommended this by a family member and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy I’ve been able to dive into meditation."

"I’ve enjoyed using Arise because it allows me to really take a moment even if it’s just a minute to reflect on scripture and get centered ready for work!❤️"