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Our team has a combined ten years experience building breakthrough apps and executing marketing strategies. Learn how our portfolio app Palanor is reimagining fitness and why it became the #22 app in Apple's Health & Fitness Category.

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Our Promise

We'll take you from ideation to creation.

App Development

Appdrop is a turnkey app development solutions for small and large teams.

Graphic Design

Custom design and marketing collaterals to help you build your brand.

Cloud Storage

Serve your own first party video and audio, or become the next hub of user generated content.


Our solutions are tailored to your specific use case, target customer, and business goals.

UX Planning

Come to us with a fully designed interface, or let us take design off your plate too.

Customer Support

We will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure a successful launch by publishing to the App Store & Play Store for you.

Automation Every Step of the Way

Create your app with confidence

Appdrop was designed from the ground up by experienced engineers and marketers who understand both the technical and business requirements of successful mobile apps.

  • Each of our app templates has its basic production-ready features already completed and ready for you to demo.
  • Teams can further edit the components of our templates directly from the browser using Appdrop's Design Studio.
  • Lastly, teams can work directly with Appdrop experts to create custom development solutions or publish their apps.
Who We Serve

Specific challenges require specific solutions

Here are four audiences that we have built custom solutions for.


This generation's youth is the most technically adept in history. Appdrop helps K-12 schools and school districts provide their students the tools to take a huge leap in their software development and business experience.

Higher Education

Appdrop enables universities to deliver a competitive edge for their students. We specifically cater to institutions that are investing in experiential learning to ensure their students are prepared for the job market.

Funds & Accelerators

Almost all of the successful teams that create breakthrough technology can trace back their success to launching quickly and validating their ideas. Appdrop is the ideal solution for funds to enable the success of their portfolio companies and groom its next generation of founders.


With so much competition at the global level, speed wins in the mobile app market. We've designed the ideal solution for teams of all sizes to work collaboratively on their first app deployment or modernize existing deployments.

App Builders

Libraries of design frameworks
for the most common use cases.

Increase your revenue per customer and weekly customer engagement by adding an iOS and Android sales channel for your online store. You manage your brand, and we'll manage all of your tech.

View our Printing and Shipping Integrations

Provide communities with open platforms for expression and spaces for secure communicaiton using Appdrop. Engage your audience and create a the next breakthrough social network.

View our Analytics Integration

Set your video content apart and delight your viewers with a seamless streaming platform that is optimized for fast load times, offline access and minimizing battery usage. Appdrop also makes it easy to separate your content into free and paid tiers.

View our Payments Integrations

Create genuine in-person and digital connections using our full-service marketplace templates. Appdrop makes it easy to publish separate apps for your buyers and sellers or create a single mobile app that is segmented for both groups.

View our Booking & Scheduling Integrations

The percentage of reading that occurs digitally is increasing year over year with no signs of slowing down. Meet your readers where they are with our content management systems and blog themes.

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A Centralized Development Platform

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Appdrop Integrations?

Appdrop makes adding Google Analytics and Segment to your app as easy as the click of a button. Teams can completely tailor the analytics funnel to suit the needs of your business or take advantage of our pre-built frameworks that log important customer actions such as screen visits, conversions and post engagement.

Mobile E-Commerce has been booming year over year, and is poised to continue on an upward trajectory. As such, Appdrop provides teams with our own full service inventory management system for selling the most common product categories such as Clothing, Food & Beverages, and Consumer Technology directly from your mobile app. We enable your business critical operations such as setting prices, issuing coupon codes and sending invoices to customers.

In order to service teams that are also looking for fulfillment solutions, we've partnered with Printful and Pirate Ship, two companies that take the pain out of shipping physical goods to your customers and managing returns.

The highest grossing mobile apps create a frictionless upgrade and/or checkout experience so that users become engrossed in a magical experience. Appdrop helps teams bill customers using Apple and Google's In-App Purchase mechanics as well as traditional credit card entry. Depending on its needs, teams can choose between our Stripe integration or PayPal integration in order to manage its single-use and recurring billing .

Mobile apps are the ideal venues for connecting large groups of customers with high quality professional services near them. From salon bookings to tutoring sessions, teams can use Appdrop to create a marketplace of service providers and help end-users book sessions with the touch of a button. These technical solutions involve utilizing our Calendly plugin in tandem with one of our billing integrations.

Users Love Appdrop Products

Our products have combined for over a hundred thousand delightful app sessions. Add your users to the list!


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Frequently Asked Questions

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for us?

How Do I Get People To Try My App?

Building an app is only the first step and marketing will be crucial to your app's overall success. We offer an assortment of advertising solutions to ensure your app is getting in front of the right people. Our experts have been trained from top companies like Google & Facebook and will ensure you're ready to begin distribution of your app.

Where can I learn about Appdrop's portfolio?

We have a stellar track record of successful app launches for domesting US markets and international markets. Learn more about our featured product launches here. Afterwards, we'd love to help get your app to market!

Will My App Be Available on both iOS & Android?

Yes! All apps made by Appdrop contain native code for both iOS & Android devices.

Why Appdrop Over Other App Builders?

Appdrop is the best tool on the market when optimizing for 1) simplicity 2) quality and 3) cost. No other platform on the market has the combination above as inuitive as our drag & drop app-builder.

Still need help?

We'd love to chat with you. You can email our support team at